LLC Taps Former AT&T Regional Vice President of Operations to Lead Enterprise Auction Marketing Group

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Real Estate Auctions, LLC Taps Former AT&T Regional Vice President of Operations to Lead Enterprise Auction Marketing Group

July 7, 2014 CHICAGO–Anthony Mestan joins Real Estate Auctions, LLC, a Diliberto Real Estate Services company, as Director of Corporate Marketing. Based in Chicago, Mr. Mestan will be charged with leading the firm’s enterprise auction platform to the mainstream markets, overseeing a team across the United States. Previously, Mr. Mestan was the Regional Vice President of North American Process Management and Business Development at SBC and AT&T for 12 years.

With recent announcements to expand its 24 year old auction services into the main stream, Diliberto hopes to benefit from its high service model, integrating expanded online services and data resources. “The expansion of services at Real Estate Auctions, LLC reduces costs associated with real estate auctions, while increasing market exposure”, according to Frank Diliberto, President of the DRES. “The key has always been offering real estate expertise as the foundation of auction services. Today it seems online-ONLY auctions for real estate have created more of an informal process with low execution rate. The traditional foundation of real estate auctions combined with online technologies creates the best solution.”

“Our enterprise online platform will combine true real estate services, with online services and data rooms, but allow the buyer and seller to maintain full control over the quality and seriousness of a real estate transaction,” said Anthony Mestan.

Real Estate Auctions has added four account executives and promoted two. Bob Herling, formerly with American Medical Association (AMA), Christopher Jana, formerly with Inland, Guy Elsberg, formerly with Grainger, and Joseph Mestan, formerly with CME Group; have joined Real Estate Auctions, LLC.


Diliberto Real Estate Services, LLC is a leader in Real Estate Advisory and Auction Services… with transactions across America… and selected markets globally.. SERVICES range from stand- alone real estate and finance advisory assignments, to real estate auction execution including debt reduction solutions. AUCTION SERVICES make the difference when both time and price matter. Time definite sales processes provide sales in weeks, at market prices, allowing sellers to reduce cost and efficiently resolve debt challenges.

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